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This is birthing with Guinever, a place dedicated to pregnancy and birth. I hope you can find the answers that you’re looking for about your pregnancy. It is my hope that you will trust labor so you can birth your baby with confidence.


Please look to the sidebar to find your way around this website. You’ll see a listing of the most popular articles as well as the most recent posts. Follow links to find a midwife, doula, childbirth class, or to information about breastfeeding. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please ask a question in the comment section anywhere on this website. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page.

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Come and visit again because I’m always adding new articles.


Birthing blessings, Guinever

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-14a

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1. Elaine - March 12, 2007

I love the new look! Great job designing and updating your site. I recommend it to all the mothers-to-be that I know!

2. karla - May 27, 2007

Your resourcefulness and passion for natural birth are gifts! You are a tremendous blessing to women and their families in our community. Thank you!

3. mandy - August 16, 2007

i am 36 wks and 5 days my doctor says that my baby is in my pelvis now, how long does it take approx to go into labor after this has happened? This is my 5th child.

Dear Mandy, It seriously could be anytime in the next 5 weeks. “Dropping” is not an indicator that labor will start right away. Sometimes it does, but not always. ~blessings, Guinever

4. Crystal Sewell - October 7, 2007

Oh I am so glad that I found this site! My husband and I have a 16 month old daughter and are trying to get pregnant again. We have had three miscarriages and we so pray for more children. With our daughter Sofia I was “scared into an epidural”. I wanted so badly to have Sofia naturally, but my husband and I didn’t have the support we needed. The next child’s birth will be different! We have a great church family who are so supportive and encouraging in our journey to conceive and give birth again! Thank you so much for making all this information available! What a blessing it is to have other women who have the same heart I have about child birth!

God Bless
Crystal < (SAHM)

5. Angela - October 17, 2007

I am almost 33 wks pregnant. I just went to my doctors and she said I am 2 cm dilated on the outside of my cervix. What does this mean? I have about 3 contractions an hour.

Angela, I am not familiar with the term, “outside” of the cervix. Being 2 cm dilated means that you’re cervix is starting to open up a bit. ~Guinever

6. Crystal Sewell - November 8, 2007

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I just wanted to let you know that we found out I am pregnant this past Tuesday!!! Praise the Lord!!! I am 4 weeks today and counting. I posted a blog about it if you are interested. Thanks for the prayers!

God Bless

CONGRATULATIONS. I’m so happy for you.

7. Kim - January 19, 2008

I am 36 weeks along I was on a terbutaline pump for ten weeks to stop my pre-term labor now I am off the medicine. The doctor told me I was more than 80 % effaced and about 3 centimeters dialated. I have been having contractions but they have been irregular. Will I be having this baby soon like in the next few days? I am very anxious since my last pregnancy ended badly.

Dear Kim, I really can’t predict when you will have your baby. It could be right away, or who knows, you may carry your baby full-term. Try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy whether it’s a few days or a few weeks. ~birthing blessings, Guinever

8. Crystal Sewell - January 26, 2008

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the sleeping advice for Sofia. We really need it. She actually did very well last night, I think mostly because she was so exhausted. She did wake up at 5am however, but my dear sweet hubby got up with her to let me get a couple more hours of sleep.

I will definitely try the method you have given me. I also agree that naptime is non-negotiable.

Thanks again!

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God Bless
Crystal Sewell <

9. DIANA - January 26, 2008

Hello LOVE THE SITE!!!!! I been reading some stories in this site for a while and until now i decided to put a question since there’s always an answer for my questions in your site but until now something strange happen in my pregnancy. Am 32 weeks now and I found out that i was 1 centimeter dilated this is my third pregnancy and this didnt happen in my last pregnancies…Am AFRAID that i might go into Pre-Term Labor… My Baby weighs about 4 pounds my doctor told me that this not exactly mean i might go early in labor since you can be dilated for weeks before it happens..BUT am concerned i STOPPED from having sex with my Husband because of that.. My Doctor didn’t say anything about it.. Do you think it’s still safe for me to still be sexually active with my husband i really have cravings on that!!!! LOL!!!

Dear Diana, why were you getting a cervical check this early in pregnancy? Were you having pressure or pain? If not, I question why you would need to be checked at this point in your pregnancy. If your doctor didn’t say anything about abstaining from intercourse, then you’re probably ok. If you experience bleeding or have more than a few very intense contractions, then it might not be a good idea. ~blessings, Guinever

10. Kim - April 20, 2008

Hi, I’m 41 weeks today with my first . I just wanted to know if my Dr is supposed to give me a vaginal exam/cervical check? I haven’t had any vaginal exams/ cervical checks through out my pregnancy and I don’t have another appointment until the end of the week. My other question is it also normal for the Dr. to not want to induce a patient. Not that i want to be induced i like the fact that i can carry until he is ready.

Dear Kim, what you are describing is rare with doctors. It is very desirable and its wonderful that he is not checking your or pressuring you for an induction. You will go into labor when you and your baby are ready and you will birth your baby. ~blessings, Guinever

11. Amy - May 21, 2008

Hi, I am 35 weeks pregnant. At today’s appointment, my doctor performed the Group B Strep test and also did an internal check. I was not expecting the check to be painful, as pelvic exams are generally no problem for me. (The same doctor did the pelvic at the beginning of my pregnancy, and it was fine.) However, when she inserted her fingers today, it was excruciating. She said that my cervix was too high for her to really reach. When I asked her why the exam was so much more painful than usual, she didn’t really give me an answer, but just said something like “some women have more pain” and said nothing is wrong with me.

I am very worried about the quick check being so painful when she couldn’t even reach my cervix! Do you know what might have caused the increased pain? I have been having quite a lot of lower back and hip pain, but no vaginal pain other than during the exam today.

Any input would be appreciated.

Dear Amy, I’m guessing that the exam was painful because your doc tried to reach your cervix and couldn’t. Trying to find your cervix can be painful if it’s high and posterior. I wouldn’t worry about anything. ~blessings, Guinever

12. Dee - August 2, 2008

I had been having regular contractions (varying in frequency but often every 3-5 minutes) since about 28 weeks of pregnancy. At 30 weeks, dr found I had started to dilated 2-3. Since then I’ve been in the hospital 5 times (given terbutaline, procardia, and steriod injections on different visits), and slowly progressed to my current 4-5 cm. I spent 6 weeks on bed rest and was able to get up at 36 weeks. Now I’m 37 weeks and my contractions have slowed drastically for the last couple of weeks - I can go hours without having any! Have you heard of this before? I’m so surprised (and happy) that I’m still pregnant and now that it would be safe to deliver, things have slowed down. Just wondering how common this is and how long women sometimes go around dilated to 4+ cm?

Dee, it’s perfectly normal to be very dilated and not in labor yet. You have nothing to fear. As far as when your labor will start, only time will tell. ~blessings, Guinever

13. Kayla - August 7, 2008

I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have been experiencing uterine pains whenever I stand up, roll over, use the restroom, when the baby moves and I also experience it when Im just laying in the bed not doing anything. I called my obgyn and he said that it could be round ligament pain, but the pain Im having does not go away at times it gets worse.

Is this normal or do I need a second opinion?

Dear Kayla, this is something that can be relieved through chiropractic care. I hope you find relief. ~blessings, Guinever

14. Bianca Hennager - August 15, 2008

Hi Guinever!

I posted earlier under the Polyhydramios story with the telling of second son’s birth story.

I wanted to update you on my third birth experience. I was trying to have a VBAC and was concerned that my OB/Gyn was not as supportive of having a VBAC as he originally stated he was. Due to timing and events, my husband sought a job up in Northern CA and got it (which started at the beginning of August). I was due the second week of August, and we originally decided that I would stay behind to have the baby. After moving everything the beginning of July, he coaxed me to look into Ob doctors in the area, and to see if the local hospital supported VBACs, I was blessed to find an Ob who would take me on at 37 weeks wanting a VBAC and the local hospital supported it as well.

I went into labor one day before my due date and was able to have a natural VBAC delivery. We welcomed our precious baby girl into this world on August 7th weighing in at 9 lbs 13 ozs and 21 inches. Her head was 15 in around. I feel so blessed to have had a good experience, and the ability to have it happen in a hospital. I know that is not the norm nowadays with hospital policies, nurses and doctors who are unfamiliar with natural childbirth, etc.

I appreciate your insight and prayers. May you continue to inspire and educate women on their ability to birth naturally!

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Bianca, thanks so much for sharing your birth story. It is wonderful that you found supportive care givers and a birthplace that would allow you to seek and achieve VBAC. That is rare in today’s America’s hospitals. ~blessings, Guinever

15. sarah - October 11, 2008

i am 25 weeks preg. with my fourth child. i have been feeling pressure for a few weeks now, and started spotting. it lasted for about 2 days, and now it has stopped. i told my dr. about it, he checked me and said i was not dialated, but my cervix was soft. i have another ultrasound to check the position of the placenta, do i have anything to worry about?

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Dear Sarah, only time will tell. Try not to worry. A little bit of cervical softening at this point is not cause for concern, but if it progresses, you may want to take it easy (doctor might suggest bedrest or decreased activity.) ~blessings, Guinever

16. Latoya - October 26, 2008

I am 26 weeks pregnant and it feels like i have to pee constantly. Sometimes when i pee, i see clear and it look mucus like. Is that my amniotic fluid leaking? Sometimes when i sneeze and cough it feels like something is leaking to. I went to the hospital a few weeks ago and the doc said i had a yeast infection and uti but i think it has cleared up cause i am not having the same symptoms as i did when i went to the hospital. Do you think I need to go on to the hospital or wait until i go to the doc on thursday to get checked out?

Latoya, I think you could benefit from doing kegel exercises. A strong kegel muscle can decrease or even eliminate your leaking while you sneeze, cough or laugh. The constant urge to pee is most likely the baby on your bladder, but it could also be a urinary tract infection. If you have other signs of a UTI, you may want to get checked out before you appointment.

It is totally normal to have extra mucous throughout your pregnancy. If it were your fluid leaking, your clothing would be damp and it wouldn’t come out only when you go to the bathroom–you can’t control the flow of amniotic fluid.
~blessings, Guinever

17. natalie bunce - July 13, 2009

hi im 33wks pregnant with my 5th baby i went to see my midwife on friday and she said that the baby is 2/5 engaged never haing been told this b4 im a bit connfused by it does this mean i will have my baby early

Dear Natalie, I have never heard the baby’s station or engagement referred to in fractions either. I’m not sure what that means. It does not mean that you will have your baby early. ~blessings, Guinever

18. Cheri - December 6, 2009

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I am 40 weeks pregnant - my due date is today 12.5 I went into the hospital on Thursday night to be induced - it didn’t work. I am not dilated at all after two doses of Cervidil and 12 hours of waiting with each dose. I am frustrated with my body especially since I am not dilating. At the last appt the doctor said that my cervix was very very soft and baby was 50% effaced, but it’s been like this since week 38. Are inductions like this unsucessful often and what are the chances that I will go on to have a normal delivery/labor?

19. guinever - December 6, 2009

Dear Cheri, is there a medical reason that you’re being induced? In other words, do you have to be induced right now? If you are ok and baby is ok, what would happen if you went home for a couple days to see what happens? You can ask your doctor that.

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Please don’t be frustrated with your body. Forty weeks is only an estimated length of gestation. And not every baby is ready to be born at 40 weeks. Inductions can take a long time if your body is not ready for induction and patience is necessary. One of my doula clients needed to be induced at 35 weeks along because of the health of her baby. The induction took 4 days. She knew it would take a long time (since her cervix was not effaced or dilated at all to begin with plus the baby was high) and she tried to keep a positive attitude throughout her hospital stay–the induction would work, her baby would be born vaginally. She went on to have about a 6 hour labor once her cervix was really really soft and active labor kicked in. I’m telling you this just to try and encourage you.

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So the chances are high to have a vaginal birth IF you either go home and relax or IF you have a positive outlook and be patient with your induction. Hope this helps! birthing blessings, Guinever

20. Fatima - March 11, 2010

Hey…I am 36weeks preggo and doc said my placenta is calcifying earlier than she expects.I only go back 2 her in the next 5days where i’l be 37weeks.is there anything to b concerned about as I read alot about stillborn births due to placental calcification.

Fatima, I think you should express your concerns to your doctor and see what she says. I don’t think that the placenta calcifying causes stillbirth; it’s just one sign that is observed with some stillborns. Many healthy babies are born with a placenta that has started to calcify. Definitely talk to your doctor about options and whether delivering early may be an option for you. ~blessings, Guinever